Trout Day will be Saturday, April 6, 2019


Braidwood Recreation Club Annual Meeting and Re-Organization Meeting


The Braidwood Recreation Club held its Annual Meeting on January 12, 2019. The names of the four Incumbent Directors; Justen Bohac, Rich Bolatto, Mike Foster, and Bud Montana along with Petitioner Russ Toler were placed on the ballot.


141 votes were cast with the following results; Justen Bohac 95 votes, Rich Bolatto 68 votes, Mike Foster 91 votes, Bud Montana 78 votes, and Russ Toler 72 votes. The following four individuals accepted 3 year terms on the Board of Directors; Justen Bohac, Mike Foster, Bud Montana, and Russ Toler.


A Re-Organization Meeting was held on January 13, 2019 with the following assignments;


The new Executive Council consists of;

            President – Rich Friddle                             Vice-President – Bud Montana

            Executive Treasurer – Allen Crisco          Executive Secretary – Tyler Geiss


Council Assignments are as follows;


                        Council                                                                                  Director

                        Administration                                                                    Dan Belcher                                                          Area, Tennis & Winter Sports                                           Bud Montana                                                        Beach                                                                                     Tyler Geiss                           

                        Camping                                                                               Dean Geiss               

                        Concession                                                                           P.J. O’Reilly, Jr.

                        Fishing                                                                                  Dan Koslowski

                        Gate & Fence                                                                        Russ Toler

                        Roads                                                                                     Justen Bohac

                        Pro Shop                                                                                Frank Perucca

                        Golf                                                                                        Allen Crisco

                        Membership & Activities                                                   Mike Foster



Board of Directors, Braidwood Recreation Club

 As of 11/7/18, there will be no savings of parking spots on "Fireworks Day" or any day of the year, unless you are physically sitting or standing in 1 spot.

No claiming of picnic spots until midnight of the night before.

 The Board of Directors has made a decision to allow Golf Carts to be used on Club grounds other than on the Golf Course. Please click on the Golf Cart Rules below to view the list of rules that must be followed.

Golf Carts must be inspected and Certificate of Insurance provided annually before cart tag can be purchased.

Appointments are required and may be made by phoning the Club Office at (815) 458-2150.

Golf Cart Rules

Rules for Use of Golf Carts.pdf

2018 Newsletter

2018 Newsletter.pdf


Newsletters will not be mailed out in 2018, a limited number will be printed and be will available at the Office for pickup.

The Newsletter will be available online on the Club Documents page.