Types of Memberships Available;

Application for Membership may be downloaded on the Club Documents page.


Resident -- Must satisfy a 3 year Residency requirement (Reed or Custer Townships) and be recommended by a current Member in Good Standing.

Golf Only Membership

Family Membership (Spouse & children ages 8 and up)

Privileges of Silver Oaks Golf Course only

Not entitled to vote

Dues include Member's Greens Fees; cart rental extra

Need not be a Resident


Non Resident Golf/BRC Membership—

No Residency Requirement.
Must retain Golf Membership or will forfeit BRC Membership.
Are not entitled to vote or hold Office.

Transfer of Membership allowed as pursuant to By Laws, but
both Golf and BRC must be transferred to one person.

Available only up to maximum Membership as set by Board of
Directors has been reached and only when all other Membership
Lists have been offered Membership.

Current Members please remember;

Your child is not "automatically" placed on a waiting list for their own Membership. Children must make Application for Membership before turning age 22 or within 1 year of becoming Married. Children of Non-Resident Members may make application for their children beginning at age 12. Currently, the waiting list is 7-8 years due to the large number of children on the list.

Your children remain on your Membership until the end of the calendar year in which they turn age 21.

Transfer of Membership –

Membership Transfers are allowed between immediate Family Members only, such as; Parent (s) to Children, Children to Parent (s) Sibling to Sibling.

There is a Transfer Fee applied to each Transfer. For example, a Single Transfer would be from a Parent to a Child; a Double Transfer would be from a Sibling, to a Parent, to a Sibling. To further explain, if a person wished to Transfer their Membership to their Sister or Brother, the Transfer must go first "up" to the Parents, then "down" to the other Sibling.

Transfer Request Forms and a Transfer Guidelines Sheet may both be downloaded on the External link opens in new tab or windowClub Documents page. Please contact the Office for further information about Transfers.

Deferral of Membership –

If your child receives a letter that their Application has come up for Membership and is currently enrolled in College or the Military and wishes to Defer their opportunity until the following year, please obtain a Deferral Form from the Office or External link opens in new tab or windowon the External link opens in new tab or windowClub Documents page. The Deferral Form either proof of College enrollment or Military enlistment must be returned to the Office by the date of interview given in your child's letter. Deferral requests must be Approved by the Board of Directors.