Camping Director for 2020 Season is Rich Bolatto

Electrical Camping Keys and Camping Permits may be picked up at the Pro Shop or at the Office during the Winter months. You may also pick up Non-Electric Camping Permits at the Gate House and at the Office.  


As of January 1, 2010 there will be no burning of pallets or lumber with nails on Club grounds.

Boat storage in camping areas - Beginning 01/01/10

No boats will be allowed to be stored in campgrounds unless the owner of the boat is camping at that same camp site.


DO NOT FEED THE RACCOONS -- You must keep all food items in locked coolers or containers. If you are tent camping, do NOT keep food in your tent, the raccoons will tear your tent open to get to the food. Don't feel that you must feed them because they are hungry; they are fully able to forage for the proper type of food. In feeding them, you are essentially teaching them to beg from humans, which creates problems for humans AND the animals.

Camping Rules.pdf