2014 Newsletter - click to read online



Individual to lease and operate the Concession at the
Braidwood Recreation Club from Memorial Day to
Labor Day for the 2014 Season. Interested parties
please send letter of interest, copy of food service
certification, sample menu with prices,and proof of
insurance by May 6, 2014 to;  

BRC Concession Lease
P.O. Box 9
Braidwood, IL  60408


Golf Course is OPEN for walking only as of 4/8/14

Please check sign at golf course entrance or call
the Pro Shop @ (815) 458-2068 to see when carts
will be allowed. Event calendar will be posted on
the website and at the Pro Shop in the up coming

Rich Friddle & Al Crisco
Pro Shop & Golf Directors

     ~~ Trout Day 2014 DELAYED  ~~

      Due to the late winter conditions,
      Trout Day has been re-scheduled
  for Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 7:00 A.M.


            Golf Course Clean Up Day
        Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.
               Meet at Pro Shop


                                NOTICE!! Help Wanted!!

The Braidwood Recreation Club is seeking to hire additional Certified Lifeguards for the 2014 Season. All applicants must be CPR and Lifeguard Certified and be at least 16 years of age. Please stop by the Office or call (815) 458-2150 for an application.

         2014 Dues Info Sheet - click here

New pictures have been posted on the Fishing page; 4 docks replaced/repaired in 2013.


New construction of 3 pavilions, basketball court,
and repairs made to Beach wall this year;



                                      Rules Change for Golf Guests

Any Member, whether Silver Oaks, Golf Only, or BRC bringing in Golf Guests are not required to have purchased a Guest Card or to punch in the Golf Guest. All Golf Guests must register at the Gate House (when Guards are on duty). Membership number of host along with the letter “G” will be marked on Guest vehicle's windshield for identification purposes. Duplicate of Guest registration permit must be given to Pro Shop attendant. Upon payment of Greens Fees, a coupon will be given to Guest for identification. BRC Members must punch Guests in on Guest card whose Golf Guests wish to utilize other facilities at the Club other than Golfing.

  Revised 6/23/10 By Board of Directors


Members please keep in mind that Club rules state that picnic tables are limited to ONE per Membership. Please be courteous to fellow Members and obey this rule.


            2nd Guest Cards - Beginning 1/01/10

Members may purchase and hold both their original and 2nd Guest Cards at any time of the year. The B.O.D. has lifted the requirement that the original card be turned in before the 2nd card is purchased.


   Boat storage in camping areas - Beginning 01/01/10

No boats will be allowed to be stored in campgrounds unless the owner of the boat is camping at that same camp site.


As of January 1, 2010 there will be no burning of pallets or lumber with nails on Club grounds.


     Camping 2 week rule - Labor Day to Memorial Day

      Campers must move every two weeks, all year round.


The Board of Directors would like to assign names to the "New" and "Old" Pavilions as well as the newly created campsite by Deer Park, and they invite Members to submit their suggestions. Please click on the Member Input page at left to participate.